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I would like to thank
Kansas City Power
and Light
for  sponsoring my on
going work with
special need kids and
youth at risk. With their
support I can and do
reach more kids......
You're a class
act KCPL.
thanks again
Dave Bj
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The main purpose of this web site is to display and show case student art. The different types of art you will see
displayed are pencil drawings,oil paintings,
Bob Ross style oil landscapes,  chalk pastels, graphite portraits,
student lessons,  drawing lessons, and awards. I sell nothing here so just enjoy the site.
Another purpose of this web site is to show case how art can be used working with youth at risk as a
tool. Some of the student art work is from physically and mentally handicapped youth. It's quite amazing the
results I get using the wet on wet oil painting technique.

Bob Ross (you know that PBS happy little tree guy) really was quite a master oil landscape painter. He would
complete an oil painting in 30 minutes or less. Which is  quite amazing all in  itself. I have used this technique to
about 2 hours. All most all the student art was their very first oil landscape. I have fine tuned my approach in
teaching this technique over the years with great success.
I also wanted to say that drawing pencil or  graphite portraits for 99.9% of artist that do this know it is a learned
thing. To get really good at it you have to practice, listen, take lessons, etc... Just the brand of pencil and
especially the paper can make a portrait great or completely ruin it.  Even the brand of fixative spray can ruin it at
the very end. So do your research, take some lessons and have fun, For simply the best book on drawing go to
JD Hillberry's web site and buy his book like I did (I renamed it the "The Holy Grail of Drawing"). Below are some
links to great web sites for drawing and painting tutorials......................
Dave Bj
p.s.I include these miss spellings of the word portrait for all the people like me that can't spell well and typed the wrong
spelling while searching. portrat portrate portrates, portriat
Pencil drawings by J. D. Hillberry. Galleries of
original graphite pencil and charcoal artwork plus fine
art prints of western, still-life,
trompe l'Oeil and others."
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Karin Well Portrait tutorials
Karin Wells Portrait  tips
commands up to $80,000
per portrait
Karin Wells Tutorial
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